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No matter how big or how small, our professionally trained and experienced team will help you find the right Electric Motor or rotating equipment that is right for your needs.

On account of significance of products quality, TC Motor has planted a perfect Quality Control System to ensure our product can meet customers different strict requirement.


We have sufficient resources to make you believe quality problem is not a problem to TC Motor. After a series of line inspection to every manufacturing process (rotor, stator, commutator, endplay, performance check etc), we also have a 100% full quality control mechanism using various testing devices and many professional QC engineers.

Round-Flange-Brushless-DC-Planetary-Gear-Motor production workshop 



The manufacturing and repair shops are located in Changzhou, China. There, 80 technicians are dedicated to the design and production of our Motors. Our experts are just as versatile as our machines, working to not only manufacture the machines, but also repair rotating electrical machines, as well as performing regular maintenance to ensure our machines are running at their peak efficiency.

Round-Flange-Brushless-DC-Planetary-Gear-Motor test

All motors are tested according to our strict quality control procedures. Our workshops are also set up to allow for repairs and tests on high and low voltage motors.

PLC laboratorySensor and Detection Technology Laboratory

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Motor drag laboratoryOn-site parts quality inspection

In order to offer our customers the most reliable products, TC Electric Motor is committed to:
  • Manufacturing to the highest quality standards possible

  • Reducing manufacturing times to ensure prompt delivery

  • Keeping a full stock with short delivery times for any urgent needs

  • Continuous innovation of the design on manufacturing technology of our products

  • Providing profitable industrial solutions

  • Providing extensive and professional support to all customers

  • Ensuring product flexibility to comply with consumer and environmental requirements

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