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No matter how big or how small, our professionally trained and experienced team will help you find the right Electric Motor or rotating equipment that is right for your needs.


Changzhou TC Motor Technology Co.,Ltd. is affiliated to Jiangsu Tiancheng Group. It was established by Tiancheng Group in February 2012.  It mainly produces motors and motor accessories.  Has many years of production and scientific research experience in the motor industry.

Our company relies on the strategic cooperation between Tiancheng Group and German companies to develop and manufacture brushless motors, brushless DC Motors, DC Servo Motors,brushless motor rivers, DC brushless motor drivers, DC Servo Motor drivers,brushless motor controllers, DC Brush motor controller, DC servo motor controller,realize the combination of brushless motor, DC brushless motor, DC servo motor and brushless motor controller, DC brushless motor controller, DC servo motor controller, PM Stepper Motor, PM Gear Motor, PM Linear Stepper Motor, Mini DC Motor, DC Gear Motor, Motor housing, Motor case.

It is an enterprise that integrates PM Motor, brushless motor,brushless DC motor, and DC servo motor research and development, manufacturing, sales, and automatic optimization scheme to provide selection and service for domestic and foreign markets. 

The company is in line with precision manufacturing and automated manufacturing plants and equipment,so as to create a new type of enterprise that continues to operate, providing customers and strategic partners with complete and high-quality brushless motors,DC brushless motors, DC servo motors,brushless motor drives, Brushless DC Motor Drivers,DC Servo Motor Drivers,Brushless Motor Controllers,Brushless DC Motor Controllers,DC Servo Motor Controllers and Services.

Our main products include brushless motors (brushless motors, 0 series brushless motors, 2 series brushless motors, 5 series brushless motors, 110 series brushless motors, 24V brushless motors, 48V brushless motors, 60V brushless motors Motor, 110V brushless motor, 220V brushless motor, 310V brushless motor, 1500 rpm brushless motor, 2000 rpm brushless motor, 3000 rpm brushless motor, 6000 rpm brushless motor, DC brushless motor, 0 series DC no Brush Motor, 2 Series DC Brushless Motor, 5 Series DC Brushless Motor, 110 Series DC Brushless Motor, 24V DC Brushless Motor, 48V DC Brushless Motor, 60V DC Brushless Motor, 110V DC Brushless Motor, 220V DC Brushless motor, 310V DC brushless motor, 1500 rpm brushless DC motor, 2000 rpm brushless DC motor, 3000 rpm brushless DC motor, 6000 rpm brushless DC motor, brushless geared motor, 0 series brushless geared motor, 2 series brushless gear motor, 5 series brushless gear motor, 110 series brushless gear motor, 24V brushless gear motor, 48V brushless gear motor, 60V brushless gear motor, 110V brushless gear motor, 220V brushless gear motor , 310V brushless geared motor, 1500 rpm brushless geared motor, 2000 rpm brushless geared motor, 3000 rpm brushless geared motor, 6000 rpm brushless geared Motor),  precision planetary reducer (planetary reducer,brushless planetary geared motor) , 0 series brushless planetary gear motor, 2 series brushless planetary gear motor, 5 series brushless planetary gear motor, 110 series brushless planetary gear motor, 24V brushless planetary gear motor, 48V brushless planetary gear motor, 60V brushless Planetary gear motor, 110V brushless planetary gear motor, 220V brushless planetary gear motor, 310V brushless planetary gear motor, 1500 rpm brushless planetary gear motor, 2000 rpm brushless planetary gear motor, 3000 rpm brushless planetary gear motor, 6000 Rotary brushless planetary gear motor), DC servo motor, as well as brushless motor drivers, stepper motors,stepper DC motors, micro motors, micro DC motors and other more than 200 models and specifications. TC's brushless motors, DC brushless motors, and DC servo motors have more than 1 million units running non-stop at any time, providing a steady stream of power for various industries.

Products are used in electric light source equipment,printing machinery, lithium battery equipment, logistics equipment,electronic equipment, precision equipment,processing machinery, hardware machinery, zipper machinery,coating machinery, textile machinery, woodworking machinery, filling machinery, cosmetic machinery, Automatic feeders, animal husbandry machinery, breeding machinery, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, packaging machinery, carton machinery, engraving machines, injection molding machines, air compressors, automobiles and general machinery and other fields of automation control and new energy electric vehicles. Since its establishment, our company has been adhering to the strategy of sustainable development and reaching a common concept with customers, and strives to achieve the goal of becoming the world's leading supplier of transmission and control motors.

About Tiancheng Group

Jiangsu Tiancheng Group Limited is a manufacturer in China, can supply cold-drawn steel tube, cold-rolled steel tube, special steel tube & Pipe, Stepper motor, electric motor, automobile parts, mechanical parts, Precision machinery parts. Our Products are widely applied in the industries of petrochemical, boiler, automobile, mechanical. Tiancheng's factories got ISO9001 certificate, has aggressive leadships and outstanding professionals.

Tel: +86-519-88387662 Email: info@tiancheng.org

Official website: ①www.steel-tube.comwww.tiancheng.org ③steel-tube.com.cn  ④www.din2391.cn ⑤www.tcmotor.cn ⑥Paypal for Tiancheng

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